Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2012-08-31

I didnt know if you wanted a male character so if you want you can use a character in one of my original stories.
Name: Phoenix Wylde
Age: nineteen
Sex? Virgin?: he isn’t a virgin but not a slut either.
Male/Female/Between: male
Eyes: Instead of "blue," please say, "a slightly greenish medium blue," "a blue like the midtones of this shirt [link]" or "RGB 60 153 181" Mention shape or anything else I'd need to know.
---> Color Picker (works with hexadecimal, RGB and HSB; HSB is similar to HSL and HSV) a sea greeny blue colour. gets darker nearer the pupil. Thick, almost girly eyelashes.
Hair: Mention color, thickness, length and typical style. Does it cover your character's ears? If your character usually wears it one way but occasionally wears it a different way, feel free to say so—it gives me more creative license. Cropped short at the back and long and spiky on top. The back layers re dyed black and the top is left its naturally ash blonde colour. something similar to this anime character’s hair.,r:2,s:0,i:142
Height: five foot six.
Body Type: slim/average/stocky frame, girlish/womanish/in-between figure if female, athletic/average/dodgeball target, how thin or fat, feel free to be more specific as necessary. Long skinny legs, average build with a few more defined muscles on his arms. He is far from a health fanatic though.
Race: as in, White, African, Asian, etc.; white.
Skin Color: The more descriptive you are, the better. Hexadecimal codes are great. Mention freckles, if any, and where they are. Pale but tans ever so slightly in the summer. Clear.
Face Shape: round, thin, in between, don't know; cheekbones; baby fat. Well defied cheekbones, quite a feminine shaped face.
Nose: How large is it? about average, not too big and beaklike but not non existent.
Mouth: fullness of lips, etc. full cupids bow lips.
Ears: anything notable? nope
Hands and Feet: large or small, chubby or elegant, whatever rough, calloused hands with badly bitten nails.
Anything Else: scars, birthmarks, whatever else (piercings go here. birthmark just behind his left ear, hardly noticeable just a small light brown dot really. Scar from where his eyebrow piercing(left) got ripped out in a fight, septum, tongue and right eyebrow pierced. Has both ears pierced twice on the lobes and a scaffolding/ industrial on both.

General Outfit: Does she love dresses? Does he wear large shirts? Do the clothes have designs, or are they usually simple and plain? Is there a uniform, and if so, could you describe it or show me a picture? Likes to be comfy but has a sort of seventies punk feel to his outfits. Generally just ears jeans (skinny, bootcut, straight leg, he don’t care) or leather pants (red or black) band tops (often scruffy, faded and sometimes torn or frayed) dirty tees, plain black vest tops. Always has on a sleeveless leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders (padded) and studs and patches on the back and down the front. the band tees are likely to be Amber Pacific, Green Day, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold or Misfits. He will also often wear a faded Scooby Doo tee shirt as it was his favourite show as a kid. Wears black, red, blue or sometimes deep purple converse, vans, or knee high black boots with red straps all the way up and studs all the way up the sides.
Shoes: Sneakers? High heels? Socks? I mentioned shoes above. He wears just plain trainer socks, often with a hole or two in.
Accessories: jewelry, pierced ears (if so, mention what type of earrings he/she usually wears), scarves, belts, hats a black beanie with a guitar on it, a leather wristband with the word strength on it or spiked wristbands. Wears plain black hoops in his ear lobe piercings.
Special Accessories: If your character has any, please give me a picture or a detailed description. Pictures are much preferred. If your little girl has a favorite doll she carries everywhere, mention it here.
Makeup If your character is female (or male...?), then please describe makeup. Taste is more important than exact colors, because women tend to change their makeup day to day depending on what colors they're wearing. Preferences are great (such as blush that emphasizes the cheekbones, eye shadow that doesn't look too unnatural, etc.). he doesn’t generally wear makeup. He has been known to wear eyeliner before though.
Colors Worn: What colors is your character likely to be wearing? Again, please be specific—"bright, cheerful greens, usually more bluish than yellowish" is much more specific than "green." If you simply say "green," I'm going to assume that your character likes every green that I can imagine. A mix of dark red, blacks, blues and greys, with a few brighter shades.
Overall Fashion Sense: (optional) To an outsider, how do these clothes look? Is there an overall "adorable" feel, or might a different person wonder if your character is color-blind? Dark, a little intimidating at times. Like a bad, heartless jerk kind of person but is really the total opposite.

General Personality: I want to be able to convey it in the writin; a list of 7 or so adjectives or a short paragraph is about right sarcastic and quite morbid, can be a pessimistic but tries not to be, loves his friends and would do anything for them. Stands up for himself/others and can get into fights and trouble a lot. Kind and has a big heart, but can sometimes put foot in mouth without meaning to. A fast talker-can talk his way out of almost anything, a dreamer, has high goals set for himself (wants to be in a band, or work with children with learning difficulties)in a subtle way, doesn’t beat around the bush. The kind of person you think yo know then she does the opposite of what you think. Is shy and sometimes clumsy around someone if he likes them, something he tries and fails to hide. Loves animals and little kids, something which may be little surprising due to his overall attitude and appearance . A very loyal friend and would never hurt someone (unless they deserved it) on purpose. Quite stubborn, normally only someone he really likes and respects can talk him out of something. Tries to act like bad things don’t hurt or bother him, but they do. Is more vulnerable than he lets people see most of the time. Fun to be around and a good person to know. likes making people laugh and is the class clown kind of guy.
Most Common Mood: Is this character usually smiling, frowning, or staring off into space thinking about philosophy? Normally has a really wide grin or smirk.
Hangouts: in case of a runaway story; if you were looking for him/her, where would you check first? A club in a city forty miles away called Noize. He grew up going there (illegally as he was underage) an lost his virginity to a girl called Ember there. They dated for a while, but he moved, ending it with her which is his biggest regret.
Favorite Activities: Just list a few. I might end up writing your character holding a book or petting a cat. Walking his Doberman pinscher Luce.
Can't/Won't: If your character can't swim, I don't want to draw her swimming. He will do anything once as he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but he cant swim. He also cannot concentrate for long periods of time or stay still.
Profession: What do they do for a living? If they're too young to work, or don’t, say so. works at local music store but wants to work with kids like I mentioned earlier.

Attitude Towards Strangers: outgoing so he talks to them and can come across a bit too cocky but if they piss him off they will know about it. he likes meeting new people.
Could you... List any special requests here. Plots? Pets? Family? He has a Doberman pinscher (Luce) and a ball python (Nyx)