Review for Yet another story...

Yet another story...

(#) Poppana 2012-09-01

Ahhh I am so mad, they don't show DW here (or they do but it's still on season 1 so not much use for me), and I can't find it anywhere online yet XO Just, all the feelings, tears everywhere, it's not pretty.

Snakes are cute.

And that's all I wanted to comment on :D Sorry, I'm no help with the idea thing.

Author's response

:O Why won't they show DW there yet? I know neither of us are American, but god dammit Obama! XD

This snake is really cute. it's a baby corn snake and it's just so augoudn!!! XD

Haha. It's okay. (As long as I get the part in your fic ;)) xx