Review for Yet another story...

Yet another story...

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-01

Haha I've actually started working on a comic book, and its based on the whole Killjoy setting(loosely).

The plot should be: Bl/ind( or another corporation, taking over the world. The main characters should have one chapter on their life before Bl/ind took over, who they lost, who they're trying to get back, etc. They are all wandering or something when found by(maybe Party Poison), who starts his little Killjoy group, and they work all together on defeating Bl/ind, and restoring the world back to it's original state! Maybe little romantic plots, I dont know. If you use the idea, give me credit! Thanks!

Author's response

Damn that's good! I like it! I'll see if anyone else gives me ideas, but I love this one! XD I forgot to say that I'll be putting in credit. Hopefully it was implied! XD I'll give you credit obviously! XD xx