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Drama Queen

(#) snake56tongue 2012-09-02

Oh, wow. Doll you're killing my heart right now. It's breaking from the amazing levels of adorableness in this story.
I love how relatable Ryan is in this (wait, what, who said that...) in how 'emo' he is after being dumped, how he gorges on ice cream.
And then, OHMYGOD THIS PART KILLED ME the bit where you're talking about 'motherly' Spencer! I love this so much cause I can imagine this being exactly how their relationship works.
And the "She smelled like McDonalds, everyone knows you prefer Burger King," and 'Brendon smelling like the air fresher in burger king' part OMG HONEY THAT WAS WONDERFUL.
I kinda-maybe agree with you saying how it's slightly rushed, like maybe you could extend it a little?
But other than that, I loved it and it's definitely going into my favourites :)
P.S thank you for all your wonderful reviews, I love you so much for sticking with me through all my horrible attempts at fics :)

Author's response

Thank you very much! I was kinda going for relatable with this, so I'm glad that you think Ryan is with his 'emoness'.
This is also how I picture the Spencer-Ryan relationship being. I'd like to think that Spencer would be the kinda motherly one, making sure that Ryan wasn't getting himself into any trouble or being too miserable.
Haha, glad you got the whole 'Burger King' thing. Is it bad that I kinda think that's my favorite part of the fic?
It is definitely rushed towards the end and certainly does need extending/fixing. I might make it a two-shot in an attempt to make up for it.
Thank you very, very much for such a lovely and kind review!
P.S. You are very, very welcome. And they are not 'horrible attempts'; they are awesome stories.

Thanks again! :D