Review for Gerard Is From Venus

Gerard Is From Venus

(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-09-04

Something's happened and I'm head over heels, I never find out till I'm head over heeeeeeels, something's happened and I'm head over heels, Oh don't take my heart don't break my heart don't, don't throw it away.

And like the amazing Tears for Fears says I have already fallen in love with this story. A sci-fi fanfic with a vaguely autistic soundinf Frank? Count me in! It's cute and funny and clever and omg if you don't continue this I will find a way to hurt you.

I was actually planning on doing a story a little like this too except with Gerard as a human and Frank as a kryptonian. But it won't be funny and awesome like this. Update soon, I swear damn.


Author's response

There should be more sci-fi in the MCR section, I've had enough ghosts and OCs and kill joys I need Darlecks (maybe how you spell it) and Light Sabres and heroins with learning difficulties and Nazi style views!

Thank you very much I'm glad you enjoyed it!