Review for Cannibal


(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-09-04

WOW. I can't actually think of words to describe this here, except maybe "masterpiece". (Kinda like that word, it's like "master" and "piece". Go crazy!) But yeah. The writing was phenomenal, everything about it from the slow build up at the beggining to that mad twist at the end...who saw that coming? Not me! But I'm super glad it did because I kind of thought Gerard was the cannibal and I didn't really want him to be the cannibal...

But seriously here. Just incredible work. Wow. WOW.


Author's response

You are too nice to me! Gahh waking up to this reivew almost mad me forget about the terrors of school.

I'ma go watch scott pilgrin now but jesus christ thank you so much!