Review for Gerard Is From Venus

Gerard Is From Venus

(#) PartyPooperX 2012-09-05

This. Is. Genius.

Like, /legit/. I just love how you guys wrote it and ahhh it's so so brilliant. Frank is like something I wanna lock in a cupboard and not let him out and feed hims soup through a grate in the door and keep forever. In fact he reminds me of the autistic kid christopher in that book about a dog, if you've ever read it.

So yeah more of this needs to be produced. Soon.

Author's response

Aw shit, yeah i love that book! Idk Frank's like a character that we made that wasn't really supposed to be a character, if that makes any kind of sense.

Like we started writing in an almost not trolling but something way but then we sort of fell in love with Frank and continued.

Would you pour the soup in? I'd like to see that.

Super glad you've enjoyed it! More soon and thank youuu