Review for Forever Yours

Forever Yours

(#) japulapu 2012-09-10

Well that was an interesting turn of events. There was one sentence that really got to me and that was the bit about her emotions and Brendon lighting them and how she felt. That was beautiful. I do however find it a bit far fetched that a war might be fought for her. But I guess in a world of vampires and werewolves, far fetched doesn't exist in the dictionary. And it also emphasises Brendon's love for her. But I found it slightly disconcerting that he called her 'his'. It sounds likes she's more of a possession than a human being. What appealed to me more than the content was the way this chapter is written. The language is very moving. I was really impressed.

Author's response

Thank you, I'm glad the language was moving. I was trying to make it as intense as I could given the situation.
The war part is far fetched- that's more just their interpretation.
What's more happening is werewolves will be unrestricted in their attacks towards humans with the treaty gone so it will be a lot of killing, since they haven't killed them for a long time. It's the vampires interference that will cause a bit of a war.

Thanks so much for this review! It really does help me to hear your feedback.