Review for Wrong Number

Wrong Number

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-09-10

Ahh, Alaska was just the first place that came into my mind. :)

Haha, I totally just fistpumped at the mention of more Bella! XD

I'm sorry! It will be updated tomorrow and the giant awful cliffhanger will be expanded on! And be thankful, okay; there's a ridiculous amount of Loucer in the next chapter. But I think it's about time, don't you?

Author's response

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy her character. I adore writing her, so there will definitely be more of her in the future. Yay for fist-pumping!

:P IT WAS EXPANDED! It is about time, and I'm so ready for MORE- and there kind of date, which I know she won't understand is a date cuz she's so naive... and it's so cute!