Review for Auditions for War :)

Auditions for War :)

(#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-16

I'm audie-ing for Dr. DD's kid. :)

Name: Shayla (I'm sorry I don't know his last name!)

Nickname: Say

Killjoy Name: Fireflyy (that's it.)

Looks:, big doe-like hazel eyes, olive skin, pink gauges, small, a thin scar on my left side coming from my mouth to my ear (like Jeff the Killer's but smaller and only on one side)

Killjoy Outfit: Emerald green skinnies, ankle length black combat boots with pink laces, a grey long sleeved shirt that has a pink cartoon raygun on it- the sleeves are ripped, a yellow bandana like a hairband, a green leather vest with many zippers

Likes: playing pranks on people, being held, playing with my toy raygun (that's how I got my scar- I hit myself in the face with it! -_-) the colour green, sketching, watching anything horror related, explosions, playing rhythm guitar, being on the radio with my dad, learning how to be a killjoy

Dislikes: PowerPup, Dracs, new people, the heat, being ignored, being underestimated

Special Skills: I'm good at hiding or acting invisible if need be

Anything else: a wild child, bubbly, hyper, a bit sadistic, childish, sweet when I want to be, talkative, loyal

I'm five. :D

I hope you like this cos I'd really like to be his kid! Pretty please! :3