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Forever Yours

(#) japulapu 2012-09-17

A nice update. However, some of the phrases get a little repetitive. Some of the things she says and does are a bit predictable now but it also helps reinforce the ideas. I love how Ryan is so blatant sometimes. It's a really interesting and sort of complementing character trait as it balances the element of mystery, secrets and deception. He is kind of my favourite character up until this point. This may also be because I have a soft spot for him in real life. But I really do love how he is the voice of reason and somehow holds things together. I do like how the story is progressing. It's a smooth and seamless process. Can't wait for an update.

Author's response

Thank you.
Ah, yes. There is a lot of repetition. Mostly I just try to do that from Madeline's perspective though to kind of show her reluctance to accept anything.
It is all about reinforcement. Things are going to change quickly though, I promise it won't be so boring all through the story. :P
Really? That's cool. I love writing him because he can just be completely straight forward, but at the same time he's not all that bad. He does have emotion, it's just limited in how he shows it.
Thanks! I always enjoy your reviews. I like to think it helps me make the story better, to know what's good and what's kind of lame. So thanks!