Review for Sonic Adventure 2: Dark Tomorrow

Sonic Adventure 2: Dark Tomorrow

(#) armourdude 2006-03-10

That was a long read but well worth it. It started out with a Blade Runner feel to it. Then it changed To a Matrix type of thing. The action was very good even if it seem a bit drawn out at times. This was also very violent more so then I would have supected for characters based on a video game. There were parts that seem unrealistic to me such as The main evil character Egg man doing his own dirty business. But since this is a game based adventure I accepted that as normal. One more thing, the flashback to Sonic's death was pretty good. You made that fit in real well. What could use improvement is the length. I think you went on a little long with the Fighiing and discriptions. In my opinion you should stick with the over all story plot line and not so much the little drawn out bits that a game player would already know.