Review for auditions!!


(#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-09-17

Aditioning for frank or gerards gf please!
Name: Sara Lockheart

Nicknames: Batman


Age/Grade: 16 junior

Sexuality: Straight

Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): the badass

Appearance (Be DETAILED!):
Hair: Black, straight, bangs parted to the left side, kinda long
Eyes: Blue (kinda like Cillian Murphy's)
Height/ Weight: 5'4, 113. Skinny but with curves
Feauture: pale white skin
Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?):
Erm.. Chuck Norris (just kidding... seriously) Non slutty verison of megan fox XD
Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): She likes to prank people, can be very foolish at ttimes but is serious when needed to be. Doesnt give a fuck what people think.

Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.):
Band tee shirts, ripped jeans, hoddies, converse

Family: only child. Lives with dad

History (Childhood, family life): Mom dies when she was 13, didn't like to soicalize when she was younger.

Likes: batman, comic books, tim burton movies, bass guitar, computer, creeping people out for lulz.

Dislikes: assholes in gereal.

Talents: plays bass guitar, likes to draw

Friends: MCR Gang! xD

Enemies: people who dont like dr who O__O

Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Wake me up when september ends by green day

Biggest Secret: gets afraid sometimes

Biggest Insecurity: her body

Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.)
Frank Iero (or Gerard) ^.^
What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises):
Erm, he sees her getting beat up and he comes to the rescue C:
Anything else?: Has a misfits tattoo on her lower back.

Yay hope this is okay! C: