Review for Auditionsssss


(#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-26

Name: Prudence Bryar(MY IMAHINARY DAUGHTWR WITH BOV. No, I'm kidding. Don't put Bryar, put Flores if you want XD)
Age(16-18): 16
-Hair: Black, up to her shoulders, curly
-Eyes: brown
-Weight/Height/Body Figure: 120 pounds, 5'5
Clothes (if a band which 3) : band shirts (Green Day, The Beatles and Iron Maiden), skinny jeans and converse
Likes : rock music, drawing and singing
Dislikes: dresses and bullies That's it XD
Favorite bands: The Beatles, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Whitsnake, and Metallica
What does music mean to you (try not to write about how it 'saves' your life even though it might have): Music means everything, because when she's alone, music's there. When she needs comforting, music is there in a second. Music has yet to fail her.
Anything else? : nope
Personality: funny, smart, doesn't get mad easily, a bit shy, and creative