Review for Auditionsssss


(#) StandUpAndScream 2012-09-26

Name: Jude Winters
Age(16-18): 17
-Hair: Black, with a blue fringe and blue underneath, straight
-Eyes: Grey, wears glasses
-Weight/Height/Body Figure: Short, skinny
Clothes (if a band which 3) : band shirts (Green Day, MCR, Asking Alexandria), coloured skinny jeans, Hell Bunny skirts, Doc Marten boots and Converse
Likes : rock music, oldies music, reading and writing
Dislikes: hypocrites, liars, homophobes, fake people, hot weather
Favorite bands: MCR, Green Day, MSI, Asking Alexandria, Sum 41, Enter Shikari, Iron Maiden, Nirvana
What does music mean to you (try not to write about how it 'saves' your life even though it might have): Everything, it gives her something to look forward to, has given her some of her best friends, and is a way of getting her emotions/point of view out there.
Anything else? : Guitarist in a band
Personality: smart, shy, crazy, total bookworm and music nerd :)