Review for Auditionsssss


(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-09-27

Name: Anna Carlisle
Age(16-18) 16

Hair- Dark brown, choppy, just reaches shoulders, bangs usually in face.
Eyes- Light blue with slight dark shadows under them
Weight/Height/Body Figure- Very short and small. Her clothes conceal her curves, but her legs are a bit curvy.
Clothes (if a band which 3) Oversized grey sweatshirts and hoodies that go down to her knees and cover her hands, along with shorts that you can't really see.

Likes- Messing around with technology, writing, playing video games, coffee
Dislikes- Most people in general, sleeping, school, and being judged.
Favorite bands: Two Door Cinema Club, Oasis, Placebo, Passion Pit, The Smashing Pumpkins

What does music mean to you (try not to write about how it 'saves' your life even though it might have) The music she likes is almost opposite to her personality, so for her it's almost A way to let maybe an 'inner personality' out.

Anything else? Nu~


Sarcastic, temperamental, secretly very Insecure, quick witted, Can be rude to some, swears a lot, creative with insults, has frequent mood swings, doesn't like meeting new people, and isn't quick to trust. With people she does get to know, she Is very reliant on them and can even be described as clingy. She puts everything she has into a person she loves, and you can tell.