Review for First Of The Gang To Die

First Of The Gang To Die

(#) OhmyGee 2012-10-01

This story is amazing! But I am still confused on one part. Frank said in chapter three that he was a medical student of four years- but he was with James for six years and he says in later chapters that he just reads the medical books and he doesn't actually go to med school. Do you under stand what I mean? Or am I just making complete nonsense?

Author's response

No don't worry, you're making perfectly legit sense. Unfortunately I can't really answer your question, having not written the story and never having discussed it with Lorna. Sorry to be a complete assface but I can't really answer your question :/

The one thing I can say is that there were two drafts of fotg in her MW and I recently updated some of them (up until Chapter 9) so maybe she changed minor details in each draft? I'm saying complete nonsense.

Sorry for the rambling, but yeah. I'm just a total fucktard right now. Peace :)