Review for Profile of a Ficwaddian ~ Chaos_the_Zombie!

Profile of a Ficwaddian ~ Chaos_the_Zombie!

(#) CrimsonRevenge 2012-10-05

Love your hair color!!! XD

Hellllooooooooo!!! hi I'm Paige. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to FICWAD!!!! ( a chorus sings angelically!!!)

Love your taste in music!!

I look forward to reading your work!!!

-Paige XD

Author's response

SUP PAIGE!!! >.< I'm Tj (Duh)

Thanks for the angels (I may have shot some)

My hair isn't actually that colour anymore, it's actually more of a redish purple :/ but thanks all the same!

I'm actually working on a story right now about what happens when Mikey robs a bank :D Hope I didn't spoil it >.<

Anyways bye, gotta catch the school bus, write me later sugar :)