Review for Part Time Lover

Part Time Lover

(#) Mirazal 2012-10-09


I'm smiling so hard right now.

I really liked this. It's progressing kind of fast though... at least, to me. I really like Taylor. Even though she was a bitch, I like the way she changed, and how you wrote that transition was really really good.

Frank seems so realistic to me. His characterization and emotions are just spot on. (And the little fight with Alexis was entertaining. -smirks-)

I feel so happy whenever I see this story updated. Please update soon!

Author's response

:P Smiling is very, very good- and makes me smile!
Domino effect!

It totally is. I'm so glad you picked up on that. I'm going to hit the brakes pretty fast too, but I was thinking in terms of Taylor being needy since she's never really had an actual friend. (So she's more than happy to move at freakish speeds, and get awfully attached really fast- if that makes sense) and Frank is kind of using Taylor at the moment, to piss Alexis off for starters. It becomes a little clearer here soon, since he doesn't know her too well just yet.
Aw, thank you! I was a bit worried about that honestly.

I'm trying to incorporate some bad language with his POV to make it a little more realistic. I'm hoping that's working a little. I'm glad you find him realistic. I love to hear that! :P I'm glad you liked that! I liked writing it.

I'll try to!

Oh, and as always- Thank you!