Review for Forever Yours

Forever Yours

(#) japulapu 2012-10-12

Hello! Long time. I've been reading, just haven't got around to reviewing. I actually groaned at the summary cause I thought it would Rydon but thank goodness it wasn't. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. I thought Brendon was hilarious and it was a complete change of scenery and was fresh from the usual atmosphere. It was a more light and fun chapter and I think that there was desperate need for it. It really picked up the story and was a sort of breakthrough. I love Ryan's character. Cynical, deep and kind of kinky as explained in this chapter, he's so perfect. That is possibly because of my affinity for Ryan Ross in real life. But what gets me every time I read your work is that though the characters have such different and strong personalities, they are unpredictable to an extent. Great job. Looking forward to the next.

Author's response

Hey there, welcome back! I always love your reviews, so thank you for taking the time. :)
Haha, I guess it was misleading though I'm not too sure how I could add Rydon to this and keep a straight 'writing face'. I just meant for it to explain that Ryan likes them each as 'friends' but he doesn't accept their relationship. It's just not because he doesn't like Madeline.
It was fun to write a fun Brendon in this! I was kind of getting sick of making him the constant bad guy. There really was. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I was worried about breaking away from the story-line for a little while but I wanted to build upon Madeline and Brendon's relationship.
I do love Ryan, and I love how he's a constant in his feelings towards them and everything else. He's very straight forward about how he feels, and it's a breath of fresh air to write.
Well, that's a huge compliment. Thank you. I do try to write them a certain way but I love unpredictability because it's fun and normal. It's very rare for someone to be just one way, and never go outside the box.
I'll try to update soon!