Review for What's the point?

What's the point?

(#) SyraStrange 2012-10-13

Dude, are you okay? I mean, this shit is dark. I had to reread it just to really grasp what exactly you were trying to say. And... I can't say I agree. With what the story's about and the lesson you gave me.
It's a disease, I agree with that, it's a cancer. This... You didn't give it a name but I agree that it's real, and there are wonderful people out there suffering from it. They are not alone in this.
I'm not sure if you were making the end scene a literal thing, where it literally pulled a plug on their happiness and the world faded into what's the point?
But what the point is, is that you can't give up. That's what's different with each person, when they decide to give up. I don't agree with the idea that everyone is the same. And sanity and insane are strikingly contrasting, even though I know you wrote the beginning from Ray's perspective. Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. And I guess that way Ray did speak his truth.
This is a wonderfully written piece. I love how you put your feeling into a story and just let it run away. And I get it. You don't have to believe me when I say that but I get it. And no, if I didn't get it, it still does matter. Things close to you matter. What you find important, matters. Don't say it doesn't.


P.S. - Sorry to get all deep on your ass, but I wanted to give you a review you deserved for how hard you worked. I find myself happy knowing stories still get posted by people like you. :)

Author's response

Thank you, your review means a lot to me. And get as deep as you like, it was meant to touch you- well, not at first. At first, I just wanted to write a sad one-shot, then I started writing about how I sometimes feel, and it changed, for the best I think. The end? I think Rays confession changed them and then they saw through (stay with me here!) Rays glasses- into a greying world with no point, just a less potent version. Then they'd subconsiously create music that would broadcast that vision to whoever listened to it, who would then take that in. I only feel like Ray did at rare times, like when I'm up late listening to music and it feels like I'm the only one alive. Then I (usually) try to fall asleep to get it to go away and when I wake up, it has 'disappeared'. Thank you, and I'm glad I made you happy, especially for the reason. (X