Review for Pretty bird *for CosmicZombie's music and words*

Pretty bird *for CosmicZombie's music and words*

(#) aweirdtree 2012-10-14

ohmy, this was just too good :D seriously. at first i was like "yay Sweden!" and then i was like "ohmygod how is she so talented" because fucking seriously. you tend to write about things not many people have written about - or more like that you write about eternal things in a unique concept, or something, if that makes any sense :D

one way or the other, i like this very much. thank you! also, my brain says hi back and hopes both of you are doing well ^^

Author's response

Wow, Thank you :D

And you know, maybe it's not about talent. Maybe I'm secretly an alien and that's the reason my stories are so odd... Or maybe I'm just weird :P

Anyway, thank you so much and also. My brain is sending you mental hugs back ^^