Review for Just wanna draw

Just wanna draw

(#) LePanicFan 2012-10-14

I don't pay attention to FicWad that much anymore, so I don't know about any of this drama. If you're going to go, then say where you're going so I can continue enjoying your work? It's always well written and I enjoy it a lot, although I barely ever reveiw :/ I especially like this one because even for someone who doesn't know it's clear what you're talking about.

- Betsy xx

Author's response

To be fair I do my best to ignore the drama as well, but we've lost a lot of good authors recently at that's hard not to notice.
Anyway, personally I have no plans to leave this site. I intend on being here for a long time... If I've managed to keep writing all the way through school, college and my first year of uni then I don't think anything will hold me back XD