Review for Life without My Chem...?

Life without My Chem...?

(#) Mirazal 2012-10-16

I wouldn't have discovered the scene without MCR... I wouldn't have discovered all this music that I love.
truthfully, I probably wouldn't have been so depressed in eighth grade. It was weird with me. Now, they're songs have the opposite effect- they can usually lift me out of any kinda funk I'm in.
I wouldn't have wanted to do art...
I wouldn't have discovered FicWad.
I was REALLY obsessed in eighth grade, and I lost sleep just browsing the internet for stuff about them, but I'm kinda over that.
I don't know how positive or negative my life would be without them, but it would be very different.

Author's response

I know exactly what you mean about sleep and obsessiveness...i was just like that in sixth and seventh grade..
And you should continue art! That's fantastic that you are interested in art! Noy many are...