Review for Top Ten Signs That You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Top Ten Signs That You're a Fundamentalist Christian

(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-10-17


LOL try coming from a Barbadian black family of Creationalists. No no, that's mean, my family are all lovely people and most of them are pretty tolerant too. I do wish they'd lay off the Christian pop-rock though...

Although I found myself clapping and feeling a pretty weird urge to start feeding you grapes while reading this, I have to emphasise the fact that not all Christians, indeed religous person, thinks like this. Only fundamentalists, like you mentioned in your title. And I totally agree that these people are apeshit cray, however you gotta be careful about generalising and stuff. The true meaning of Christianity is to be loving and forgiving and that...just somewhere along the line I think it got pretty confused.

But nice one for having the balls for putting something like this up here. I salute you, sir!


Author's response

I was a bit nervous at putting this up at first, mainly because I've seen many religious folk here. But it looks like its been taken pretty well, thank Crikey.

My own family is Christian, so I can relate to the music problem very well. I haven't even had grapes in the longest time (I would very much enjoy being fed them).

You are exactly right about not generalizing about a group of people; I know some Christians that are extremely tolerant and not bizarre over their religion whatsoever. It depends on the persons mindset, I suppose, along with their upbringing.

And thank you again for your review, it's lovely to have someone go through and analyze so they can make a good conversation.