Review for Q&A...Backwards?


(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-10-19

Favorite band? My chemical romance

Favorite T show? Tosh.0

Who do you ship? (i.e. Frerard, waycest, pikey, et cetera) everything

Favorite Fic? I really like this one called love games but that's a kuroshitsuji fic

Inspiration behind your username? It was my old killjoy name in middle school

Who inspires you? Grell sutcliff (if you know who that is lets get married )

Who do you want to win the presidential election? Romney or Obama? Is there a third option ( if you get that reference I love you)


In a fist fight, who would win, Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? Johnny cash

Romney or Obama, in a fist fight? Obama

Favorite class? Guitar

If you could live inside a TV show, which would it be? Dead like me, go grim reapers

Similar to last question, if you could live inside a FanFiction, which one would it be? Lovers at first bite

Which Ficwad author do you think has the coolest personality? All of you

Any Ficwad authors that inspire you? Too many to count

What are you being for Halloween? The undertaker from black butler so a grim reaper

Any phobias?elevators

If Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob,and Mikey were all hanging off a cliff, who would you sae? You can only choose one! Frank

Who do you want to have sex with? Grell from black butler or Gerard from my chemical romance

Who do you fantasize about? Jonathan crane/Scarecrow

Out of all of the MCR boys, who would you kill?

What do you want to be when you get older? A guitarist

Hobbies? Bowling, writing, sleeping, making covers, fucking shit up

What is your favorite story that YOU have written? I'm very attached to welcome to lakeview school for the insane

Got a tattoo? Nope to young

What's the first thing on your mind right now? Trying to answer these questions without making myself look like an idiot

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when i say the word 'school'? Crystal meth cupcakes

'Chemical'? Romance

"Drareg yaw'? Gerard way backwards

'Another line without a hook'? Screaming

'KNIVES'? And pens

What do you believe is the real meaning to the song 'Bulletproof Heart'? Love?

'Kill all your friends' due seals bring people together?

I'm Not Okay'? Depression?

Author's response

TOSH.0!!!!! FTWWW!!!
Yes! i got the third option!!
...Elevators are fuckin terrifing...
Thanks for playin'!