Review for Q&A...Backwards?


(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-10-20

Favorite band? Fearless Vampire Killers then My Chemical Romance (obvs)
Favorite T show? Doctor Who
Who do you ship? (i.e. Frerard, waycest, pikey, et cetera) No one, really
Favorite Fic? Maybe this one on called Look Alive, Sunshine it's unfinished but it's great.
Inspiration behind your username? Idk I was tired
Who inspires you? Fearless Vampire Killers, My Chemical Romance, Pj Liguori and JK Rowling.
Who do you want to win the presidential election? Romney or Obama?
Why? Obama, idk about politics across the pond but Romney seems like a dick and he kinda looks like one of those people from the Grinch.
In a fist fight, who would win, Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? Johnny Cash ftw.
Romney or Obama, in a fist fight? Obama!
Favorite class? English or Performing Arts.
If you could live inside a TV show, which would it be? DOCTOR WHO
Similar to last question, if you could live inside a FanFiction, which one would it be? THE MILK FIC ;D
Which Ficwad author do you think has the coolest personality? foreveryours is my baby.
Any Ficwad authors that inspire you? foreveryours is yet again my baby.
What are you being for Halloween? I'm not going out because I don't have any friends left so I'm gonna carve some pumpkins, buy sweets for kids and stay in in my skeleton onesnie.
If Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob,and Mikey were all hanging off a cliff, who would you sae? You can only choose one! I would just be like he guys can I hang with you cool and just want for someone to drive past and save us all.
Who do you want to have sex with? Uh...
Who do you fantasize about? The fantastic foursome having a fantastic foursome XD (I'm kidding we all know they already have)
Out of all of the MCR boys, who would you kill?
YOU MUST PICK!! I would kill... Pedicone, if that's possible
What do you want to be when you get older? Writerrrrr.
Hobbies? Writing, reading, internet, cats, attempting to teach myself instruments...
What is your favorite story that YOU have written? My Hero, I think...
Got a tattoo? My parents would never let me.
What's the first thing on your mind right now? Waffles
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when i say the word 'school'? People I hate
'Chemical'? ROMANCE
"Drareg yaw'? Gerard Way, I heard an urban myth that when you throw up it sounds like your name backwards, so now I picture Gerard Way throwing up ew
'Another line without a hook'? I'M NOT OKAY... and fishing... omfg MCR fishing
'KNIVES'? Bring more of them.
What do you believe is the real meaning to the song 'Bulletproof Heart'? Love and stuff, like, taking what the world throws at you.
'Kill all your friends' Shitty people.
I'm Not Okay'? A shitty person XD

Author's response

Fuck Pedicone!
I'm imagine Gerard throwing up too...
You MUST be a writer! Follow your dreams!