Review for Q&A...Backwards?


(#) atomickilljoy 2012-10-20

Favorite band?
A BIG tie between My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy

Favorite T show?
The League

Who do you ship? (i.e. Frerard, waycest,pikey,et cetera)
I ship Bobifer, Franina, Rayven, Gozzie, and there are some really good Frerards out there, so Frerard.

Favorite Fic?
WAY too many to choose from.

Inspiration behind your username?
There was a Killjoy name maker, and I got Tender Gunner. I didn't really like it (I ended up making TG into the superhero in my comic), so on the bottom, there was a Facebook sharing thing, and people would share their names. Someone got Atomic Devil, and I thought "That's fucking rad". So shortly after, I decided to FINALLY make a FicWad account, after reading FicWad stories for WEEKS without one. So I was thinking and thinking for a name that I would love. Then, I remembered Atomic Devil, but didn't want to take the poor kid's Killjoy name, so I replaced Devil with Killjoy and Violà.

Who inspires you?
Gerard Way and Patrick Stump. They're the reason I want to be a rockstar.

Who do you want to win the presidential election? Romney or Obama? Why?
Obama. Romney isn't for gay rights. Not only that, but Obama is the best of a bad situation. If they both suck, I'm going for the guy that's for gay rights. In plus, Romney is working towards benefiting the middle class, not the lower class. He's all for strengthening the already strong. That's not cool.

In a fist fight, who would win, Elvis Presley orJohnny Cash?

Romney or Obama, in a fist fight?

Favorite class?
Tie between Chorus, English, and U.S History.

If you could live inside a TV show, which would it be?
Um....probably American Dad. That would be awesome :D

Similar to last question, if you could live inside a FanFiction, which one would it be?
Any Killjoy one, and any teenage school one with the MCR,P!ATD, or FOB boys.

Which Ficwad author do you think has the coolestpersonality?
Too many people...Sam41, Mirazal, Cookie_Monster, tmbfucks, Raven-Van Slaughter, OhMyGee, CyanideSuicide....too many

Any Ficwad authors that inspire you?
Everyone, with their awesome writing skills, inspires me :)

What are you being for Halloween?
Skeleton! Im doing a cross between Gerard's and Bob's Black Parade makeup, I've ordered Gerard's Skeleton pj's, and Frank's gloves :)

Any phobias?
Clowns and the dark. Thats about it.

If Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob,and Mikey were all hanging off a cliff, who would you sae? You can only choose one!
WHY MUST YOU BE SO BRUTAL?! I don't want to choose!
Bob. I FEEL SO GUILTY. I'd probably end up throwing myself off of the cliff. XD

Who do you want to have sex with?
BOB BRYAR. or Patrick Stump.

Who do you fantasize about?
BOB AND PATRICK. Not at the same time but...ya know...

Out of all of the MCR boys, who would you kill? YOU MUST PICK!!
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY?! Um...Bob. I know, that's awful, but I'm closely attached to him. I could kill him without feeling like a bitch.

What do you want to be when you get older?
Lead singer for a rock band :)

Writing, drawing, and singing.

What is your favorite story that YOU have written?
I'm writing one now, it's still in progress. I think it's gonna be my new favorite. It's called "To The Moon". It's based off of the game, so yeah. I'll post it up in about a week or so.

Got a tattoo?
Nope D:

What's the first thing on your mind rightnow?
This question.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when i say the word 'school'?


"Drareg yaw'?
Yekim yaw

'Another line without a hook'?
A song...


What do you believe is the real meaning to the song 'Bulletproof Heart'?
I believe that Killjoy MCR wrote that. I imagine them on the run from BL/ind with their masks and guns.

'Kill all your friends'
I always think about funerals so....

I'm Not Okay'?
Self explanatory.

This was fun :D

Author's response

THANK YOU SO MUCh! First person to agree with Elvis!!!
I was a guitarist in a band. They kicked me out or playing way to many 'emo' songs...At least they'll be hangin' out with Demi Lavato and autotune...