Review for The Past Ain't Through With You

The Past Ain't Through With You

(#) vampiresdontglitter 2012-10-22

Hi, been following this story for so long but never got a chance to review. Sorry about that, my newborn has been occupying my free time (; love this story a lot. Although I have to admit the past couple chapters Holly has begun to annoy me a bit. I know she's been through A LOT but I wish she wouldn't throw herself pity parties all the time.

She's always doubting herself and Gerard's motives, she deserves to be happy for once, I just wish she could see that. I think Gerard for the most part, has done a lot for her in regards to Molly, which is more than what he did in the past apparently. If only she could see Gerard's intentions, maybe then she'd allow herself to be happy with him. In a way I'm really glad Richard opened Holly's eyes a bit, because it's obvious she cares about him. It's annoying that most people can see it but she's just stuck in her denial.

I know it's inconsiderate to say move on, but she can't really fix the past. That doesn't mean she should harbor all her guilt and sadness, she should appreciate the fact that she's alive from her incident and be happy with the daughter she has left. I just think her self-pity is so sad to see, she really is a good person, but old habits are hard to break I understand that. She really needs to just enjoy life, and stop worrying herself to death.

Hope that didn't sound insensitive, just really into the story (;