Review for I Shouldnt Love You

I Shouldnt Love You

(#) toomuchtoosoon 2012-10-23

Ahn, so, ok, ficwad says this story was updated 2012/10/22, but the last chapter I can read was Chapter Six, from 2012/10/07... Is it me or is this site truly kidding me?
By the way, I think I'm falling in love with this plot... I shouldn't love a fictional character so much like this, should I? (no puns intended)
Ok, I really really REALLY couldn't love Gerard any more - and this is somehow hard to happen, ya know, I kinda, uh, hate him in every single way, yep. But you just made him so, ugh, loveable! (does this word even exist?) You are amazing, just letting you know. Anyway... Keep rocking! \m/

Author's response

Sorry about that, I had to fix a few spelling mistakes.
And yeah, I did try and make Gerard the type of character that you really hate but kinda love at the same time?
Thank you :3