Review for CastleVania: Heir of Darkness

CastleVania: Heir of Darkness

(#) Kasan_Soulblade 2012-10-25

Hello, as I read I thought I would review chapter by chapter.

A shame that this work hasn't gotten any coments.

I like your descriptions, and the "where are they now" opening with Reinhardt Schneider and the "who is it" vibe with the other (I'm guessing Alucard... maybe, if not than... what was her name CLaudia... Clarice... something with "C" the witch whose the other Castlevania lead in the N64 titles... Seeing how those two conflicting protagonists (assuming the second one is a protagonist) meet and clash will be something to look forward to. Also, it's an oddity to see the effects of Castlevania manifesting beyond a "oh there's a castle here now let's go in" to see that evil and it's supernatural/insane attendent happenings... wonderful! Also, a big plus in my book for using the N64 castlevania cast (at least thus far). I adored those games so I look forward to seing what you throw at them.

Thanks for posting.

Kasan Soulblade