(#) Sam41 2012-10-29

OKAY THIS LEGIT HAPPENED TODAY! And I turned bright fucking red (thank god everyone thought it was because I had to read out loud) BUUT!
There's this dude, who Imma call, X (idk he doesnt have an X in his name but whatever)
So he's in a couple of my classes (CALM, CT, and English) I never really talked to him (in the beginning for English, for questions and he was kidding around by "flipping out" because I was texting in class), but for the last bit in CALM our teacher has been
making us read outloud, (so you would read then choose another person to read), and every time he would choose me (damn him), and all that shit (how many times in CT he would say something that sounded like my name then ask why I turned around)..but back to today; he chose me (suprise, actually I'm kind of getting used to it) when he did a dude in our class (annoying dude) started talking to him "DUDE YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE HER FOR THIS! What do you have a crush on her or something?!" which kind of sucks, because 1) he's a hockey player and I'm a loser, 2) I don't think he does 3) It makes me sad cause i have a crush on him 4) I can't stop overthinking this..GAH THANK YOU AJ FOR LETTING ME RANT

Author's response

Ughhhh been there.
Slap annoying dude.
You're welcome! Everyone should have the right to rant!