Review for A New Beginning

A New Beginning

(#) twilliams1797 2012-11-04

I am enjoying your take onDudley , but i am detecting a problem. Nothing with the story, but it looks as if Ficwad is cutting your text off in mid sentence.In this chapter, Dudley got into the taxi, but never arrived at Justins house or the party.
do you ave a ffnet link to this story?

Author's response

This is a link copied from my homepage to this story. If this does not work. Go to Dudley section and the story is on there, or even search for author, my name is the same jon08

I hope this helps. Don't know what the problem with the ficwad link is seems ok from my emd

I've now checked all chapters and I think I've discovered what was happening, whenever I used the symbol for pounds instead of the word, FicWad saw it as a html symbol.
I've since reposted all chapters where this occured, just pasting the text into the appropriate section instead of posting as a html document. Please let me know if this has helped.
Thank you for your interest and review.