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Learn to Fly

(#) japulapu 2012-11-04

Hai Hai hai! Sorry, Fuckwad here has been messing up my alerts and I hadn't got any notifications for your previous chapters. So here's a combined review. First, let me mention all the references my fan girl brain thought it saw. Harvesting blue berries and Ryan Higa? Oh and objectifying and John Green's Looking For Alaska? Both are quite normal and I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a coincidence or me hyperventilating when I saw something along the lines of a quote. But anyway, I loved the chapters. Incredibly funny and I swear I think my mum heard me snorting into my pillow. It's like eleven and she would not appreciate me staying before an exam unless it was for studying. I love plot development. There's honestly not much left to say. I love your writin. It's very entertaining and real. It's beautiful, the characters are deep and complicated just like they should be. Whatever I've needed to say I've said over the time you've written your two stories. I've been around since the time you started Fly Away and I've seen the characters grow. It's an awesome story.
P.S. please excuse the grammatical and spelling errors in this review. Autocorrect can be a bitch.

Author's response

Oh thank you :D That's a long review you wrote!
I'm glad you caught the blueberry/Ryan Higa thing, but honestly I don't know what you mean by that Alaska thing. Completely unknown to me. The objectifying thing, that mostly comes from 8 Simple Rules. I'm just a dirty little thief... Even though it wasn't exactly a straight quote, was it? I can't remember. But hey, in today's society, recycling is important!
I am so sorry for getting in between you and your beauty sleep. I never slept properly before exams, and look where it got me. Learn from my mistakes.
Anywho, thank you a ton for the review and for reading and whatnot :)
Oh, and if you can excuse the errors in grammar and spelling in the story, then I think I can forgive you for making them in a review... Although I don't think I even saw any.