Review for Another Set of Auditions!

Another Set of Auditions!

(#) Poppana 2012-11-06

First of all, thanks for accepting my audition. Very excited about that. Which brings me to my second point!

If you pull the plug on this story, I will have no choice but to blame it on the curse (remember? My audition curse...), which will make me lose all my faith in humanity. Do you want that? DO YOU? Also as revenge, I will come to your home, kidnap you, and make you sit in a dark cave, listen to ALL the Justin Bieber songs, followed by a selection of hits by Nickleback XO That'll show you!

Okay. In all seriousness. I can't wait for this to be posted :D Don't wait until after shcool. Skip it! I'm sure your teachers and parents will understand.

Author's response

Haha! You're welcome. And don't worry. I'm going to be into this story 100% I promise! XD xx