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Honeysuckle Care Home

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-11-07

Yes we can keep the puppy! :3 MINE. But we'll name her. . . I dunno yet. O__o Hey. Uhm. Could you update again? You don't have to like right this minute but it's so good and I wanna see if Addie retaliates and people hanging out and romance and Frank being brotherly! :3

PENINA. FIRST WE HAVE TO KIDNAP RAY FOR SHAYLA. :D And then we're all gonna go out for margaritas. :P Mmmm.

Author's response

Haha! Yay! I'll update a bit later. Haha. Don't worry. That'll be easy. He's easy to spot because of his fro. I have a fro detector in my secret bag of stuffs. XD xx