Review for Auditions!!


(#) BleedingValentine 2012-11-09

Name: Harriet Lawrence (Or just Harry)

hair: Thick and brown, straight to her shoulders.
eyes: twinkly green
build: short, curvy, often gets teased about being 'chubby' but she doesn't care.
tattoos/piercings: two piercings in each ear, chain ink tattoo around her wrist that's often covered by her watch, her Mum's and Sister's names (Kate and Georgie) in flowers on her right arm.

Clothes: Soft/stretchy coloured jeans, plain shirts with hoodies. Nothing too special.

Personality (5 words that describe you): Eccentric, kind, caring, wacky, intelligent

5 Likes/Dislikes:
Likes; Guitar, caring for her friends, rugby, lazing around, limbing trees.
Dislikes; French, slugs and snails (but loves spiders and snakes and the like), reality TV, techno music, ignorance.

Part you're auditioning for and why : Ray's girlfriend. He's amazing and I love him to bits.

How familiar are you with the outdoors and would you ever leave your group if in danger?
Very familiar with the outdoors, she goes camping alot and used to trek lots with her family in the bush. She would NEVER leave them if they were in danger.