Review for Things Happen Sometimes

Things Happen Sometimes

(#) BrutalCrayon 2012-11-13

This whole time I really thought that I didn't like Harry at all and I was just waiting until they broke up and she ended up with Gerard but when Edith and Harry broke up I felt genuinely sad. That's how I know in reading an amazing story. I feel emotions when things happen. I feel as if Im in the story. You are such an amazing writer, I hope you know that. Another part I loved about this chapter is when Gerard and Edith kiss, you put such amazing detail in that part, it was an awesome part. This was a really important and good chapter! I'm sorry you had a bad week :( if you could, could you possibly try to upload a chapter on Thursday? Its my 16th birthday and id be really happy if there was a new chapter :D also I was wondering If you had a kik? If you do my username is hannaw101 I would love to talk to you, or tweet me at @markelhanley ok love you have a good day bye ^-^