Review for Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-11-14

So, it's incest (which should never happen ever), but they're not blood related so I don't even care and argh! How the fuck are they going to fix this?! They just both seem so... Broken. And then, like - how will they ever tell they're friends and stuff?! So many questions that I NEED answered. Right now. Immeadiately, pretty much. Oh, and they need to hook up like, now/, too. Yeah, and I'm getting a fucking unicorn for Christmas. Sarcasm, because somehow I think, no, /know that there will be more drama before then

Sighs Anyway, this is still intriguing and hooking and whatever it normally is. And to respond to your reply to my review on the last chapter, no, you ain't gonna lose me that easily! :)

Ever eagerly awaiting next update.

Author's response

Haha, yep. I'm so glad so many people can see past that, kind of, because that's what I was really wondering when I started this thing.
They will all be answered, to the best of my ability!
lol you never know, either could happen. ;)
But you're right.
Drama, drama, drama.

I'm glad!

I'll try to update very soon!