Review for Forever Yours

Forever Yours

(#) Mirazal 2012-11-14

Duuuuude. I just love the vampire element in this story so much. It's really well thought out, and the little details hold everything together. Damn, it's good.

Okay. Um. She's never heard Panic! At The Disco?
She is DEPRIVED. We must save Madeline at once!

I just can't get over Ryan in this story. He's so perfect. -dreamy sigh-

Imagine though... what if they really WERE vampires? That wouldn't even make sense. Like, wut.

So glad you updated! Please update again soon!

Author's response

Thank you so much!
Nope. I figured that would be interesting, lol, since her whole life was devoted to 'work' before hand. She wasn't really a 'fun' person. She was just finding herself when this happened.
We must! And will!

When isn't he perfect? ;)

Well, they do seem to be from a different era lol.

I'll try to and thank you again!