Review for Spy Auditions

Spy Auditions

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-11-16

FUCK YES! Thanks! :D Btdubs. . . Frank will always love me more. . . ;D Haha I love ya.

Author's response

Haha! You're welcome. HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME MORE AND THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ON THE MATTER AND I WILL ALWAYS GET THE LAST WORD BECAUSE I'M THE AUTHOR OF THIS AUDITION!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU OFF?!? (I won't, but let's be serious now.) I love him so much. I literally want to die because of how amazing he is. I cry myself to sleep every night because of his face. So yes, I win in that respect, but I also lose because who the fuck wants that to be their life?!? :'( xx