Review for Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying.

Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying.

(#) ArgyleSockMonkey 2012-11-18

Oh my god, okay, I read this whole thing in less than 12 hours and I just. I don't think you understand. You've put us on a fucking emotional joyride with this thing. You made me laugh. You made me come close to tears. You made me yell at the screen and after the chapter where Gerard tried to kill himself, the next one wasn't loading properly and I almost had a mental breakdown. Thank god it worked finally, or I don't know what would have happened. You just. You pulled on every single heart string, even went and fucking yanked on them a few times. Your psychological profiling of your characters was so well done and brutally honest that I almost couldn't read a few sections for how much I was feeling. Maybe I'm a baby, but it takes a damn good writer to spark those emotions with just their words. Though I do hate you for some of the stuff that happened in this cough cough ANDYFUCKINGBIERSACKFUCKYOUYOUFUCKINGASSHOLESCUMOFANEXCUSEFORAHUMANBEING cough ...sorry about that, I must be coming down with something... I feel like the way you used those events to further propel your story and develop your characters was really well done. And I just really, really want to hug Gerard forever, okay? Since he's your character can you make sure he gets the message? Thanks, doll:3 Frank was no less than perfect and Mikey, just, I fucking love that little unicorn fucker. About 75% of the time I laughed while reading this it was because of him. Also, I pictured Ronnie as this big muscly ginger. I felt like I should comment on that, because, yes. And the line you snuck in there about Brendon Urie. PERF. I could honestly go on for hours, I should probably stop now, but before I go I TOTALLY CALLED BOB AND RAY GETTING TOGETHER I SOOO CALLED THAT!!! Sigh. Well, now since this emotionally exhausting, but so so worth it, journey of a fic is over, I should probably sleep. Honestly? Fantastic job, love. This is really something special.

Author's response

I know it might have made you feel weird, but that emotional rollercoaster is exactly what I wanted to make you feel... Without sounding too weird? But you know...
Okay, now for the flail-y bit....
ASDFGHJKL OMFG THANK YOU SO FRANKING MUCH!!!! For you to say such nice things about me is just so sweet of you! :3
I sent the hug, he appreciates it :)
They were all perf. The thing is with Mikey, I never meant to make him funny, it was just the way I imagine him to be in my mind... yano?
I hope you slept well, thank you so much for all of your reviews! :3 xo