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Honeysuckle Care Home

(#) Ravan-VanSlaughter 2012-11-21

Yeah I will update soon and all the women PE teachers at my school are lesbians o.O It was frighten getting changed in those rooms coz they always seemed to walk in when I was stripped to my bra and they'd always look, hence the reason I always changed in the corner and leared to strip and dress rapidly and I don't know what gose on at your school but mine is like one of tv programmes, for example, my science teacher had sex with one of her students in her car on prom night (I feel sorry the poor guy who saw them) and some kid was stabbed with a chizel in the shoulder blade, (punchuring a lung and almost hit his heart) in resistant materials... so yeah...

In other news I got an idea for a one shot which I shall start writing very soon (Before you ask you are already in it ;) and it involves taking the MCR guys hostage while they are one tour, but I'm kinda umming and areing about posting it =S What do you think?)

Author's response

Can I just say that's the weirdest stereotype come true?!? Haha. I swear in my old school the pedo looking PE teacher always used to come into the girls room to see if we were nearly ready. I was in my underwear all the fucking time. It was a really bad time for me too. Thank god I'm not there anymore. At my school now we don't have to get changed for PE thank Christ. We don't even have uniforms. That is a really creepy school you go to. Can I join please? I love all the drama. Haha. EEEEPPP!!! You should definitely post it because all your stories are fantastic and amazing and I love them so much! Haha. YAY!!! I'm in it!!! I'd like to thank my mum for doing what she had to do all those years ago, and then for taking me to the hospital because I was born deformed. I would also like to thank the people who made these kind of speeches because they're so much fun to write. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!! Haha! XD xx