Review for Honeysuckle Care Home

Honeysuckle Care Home

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-11-21

I love escapes!
99.99% of the time, I'm the mastermind behind escapes.
And .1% of the time, I get in trouble.
Because I never halfass my plans. Whenever I plan an escape if something, I go ALL OUT.
Great chapter! Update soon :)

Author's response

Haha. I used to plan on running away from my old school because I hated it there. Basically, I would go the other side of this short fence and land on one of the teachers cars and climb down from that, then I would go out the front gate when it was open, and then I'd get the bus and go home. I would then knock on my mums door and I'd start crying because of how much I hated it there and maybe she would believe me then. She ended up finding out why I hated it so much, but now I'm in an awesome school with the cutest 6 year old who now gives me hugs goodbye. :') Haha. I will. XD xx