Review for My Dirty Little Secret

My Dirty Little Secret

(#) DanFrancisco 2012-11-21

I love that teacher! What's his name? Harthan?! What sort of crazy ass name is that? He sounds like a retard tbh...must be based off two amazing people like some guy I know called Danal Harffan and this other guy called like Alfie Wickers?
Seriously though, I'd teach like that, probably slap a few kids round the back of the head or whatever.
I think I'd turn into a squealing fangirl if Gee and Frank started changing next to me, but -ahem- I'm clearly too manly for that.
I love this, update soon?

Author's response

I know right, I know him from somewhere... he does remind you of Alfie a bit, doesn't he? Can't think why....
But in all honesty dude, he's the most awesome teacher you could widh for. He's luke my RS teacher who does, believe it or not, beat some of the students in my class.
And sure I totally believe your manliness. You need to be sure of it to know how to squeal xx