Review for She Always Gets What She Wants

She Always Gets What She Wants

(#) Poppana 2012-11-23

Frank you fool! You don't tickle other women! The only woman you're allowed to tickle is your girlfriend! Even though technically I guess she isn't your girlfriend... But god damn it Frank, get your shit together!

I'm pretty sure mrs Way is going to spill the beans to Gerard about how his bestie is fucking Brittany. A mother always knows, especially when they're being so obvious about it. I repeat: Frank, you fool! I can't wait until everyone finds out. At this rate, it won't be long... Those two can't do anything in secret, can they?

I loved this chapter and you're wrong; it wasn't boring. I like the jealous outburst, it shows that she cares about him and she don't want to share her man with other bitches. You hear that, Frank? SHE LOVES YOU, YOU FOOL JUST MARRY HER GOSH HOW HARD CAN THAT BE

(On a sidenote, I hate being tickled. If a guy did to me what Frank did to them, I would punch him in the face and set him on fire.)

Author's response

Your reviews still have me screaming with laughter, because they practically tell their own story. I really appreciate it though... And yeah, I also hate it when people tickle. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to press holes in you instead...