Review for Honey, I Think We're in A Negative Universe..

Honey, I Think We're in A Negative Universe..

(#) kool_kat 2006-11-09

Hey guyz ! im new at this but i hope you like my stories!heres one of them...

one morning ,when Archie was reading his favortie comic ,Atlanta came in and said "Hey, Archie !Wanna go for a walk ? "
Archie was blushing cuz he had a MAJOR crush on Atlanta (as everyone knows!)and he didnt know what to say...
5 minutes later he said "yes" so they both wore their gym stuff and went out ..
When they were walking Archie was thinking of telling Atlanta his true feelings for her ,but he was too busy looking at her pretty eyes than to say anything .
When they were back home ,Neil was eating his gourmet breakfest with croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice.Neil felt something weird when he looked at Archie .He felt that Archie had feelings for Atlanta.When Atlanta went up to take a shower ,Neil walked uo to Archie and said "Dude if you ever any advice with girls ...IM YOUR MAN !!!".Archie was surprised that Neil offered to help.He usually doesnt...While waiting for Atlanta to get down ,Archie started eating his breakfest with Neil .Neil wouldnt take his eyes off the mirror as usual...When suddenly he saw a BIG rat ! He screamed like a little girl and fainted..Archie didnt kill the rat cuz he knew that Atlanta liked animals .When Atlanta finally walked to the kitchen ,she saw Neil on the floor.She quickly took a cold bucket of water and threw it on Neil so he would wake up.On that moment when Atlanta was gonna throw the cold bucket of water ,Neil woke up !So without knowing Atlanta threw it on him!Archie saw everything and laughed so hard he was gonna pee in his pants!Neil screamed"MY CASHMERE SWEATER!MY HAIR!MY FACE!!!!!!!" Atlanta was laughig too!
When they both finished laughing ,Archie finally had the guts to ask Atlanta out!So he did .." gonna tell you to put this in words....well...I LOVE YOU!!!" When Atlanta heard that,she screamed like a little girl and she fainted .When Neil saw that he walked up to her and said "Stop copying me Atlanta!!!"
Atlanta finally woke up and Archie said sorry to her !But Atlanta kissed him before he could say anything !!!ARCHIE WAS SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY THAT HE FAINTED TOO AT THE LAST MINUTE!!the end!=D hope you liked it!!!=D