(#) Shayla_boo 2012-11-25

Part and backup part- A bitch! :D Could she be the younger sister of another bitch please?

Name: Janey Hudson

Nickname: Cherry 'Cause of her hair

Age: 14

Hair: Right below her chest, shaggy (like a wolf), cherry red on top, bubblegum pink in the middle and chocolate on the ends She wanted her hair to look like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top

Eyes- wide and a bright sparkly blue ( like the Mediterranean sea)

Skin- porcelain color

Height/Weight- medium height, very skinny

Clothes: sheer black spandex leggings, a tight, low cut v-neck white tee under a magenta windbreaker, brown leather boots

Piercings- none for this story
^ v (She has both but not for this)
Tattoos- none for this story

Scars- none

Jewelery- a ton of jeweled rings

Likes: German rap, Pomeranian dogs, hospital shows, ice cream, playing volleyball, being on top of the school food chain, gossiping

Dislikes- emo kids. Just emos.

Anything else?