Review for Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

(#) tmbfucks 2012-11-25

Name: Penina Dayne
Nickname: Pen, Penny
Age: Whatever age you need me to be.
Your Boyfriend: Frank, not that it needed to be said.
Job: Works in an animal shelter.
Looks: You know. I would say but it's too long to fill out.
Likes: ^^^
Dislikes: ^^^
How You Met Your Boyfriend: I was in the park walking one of the dogs, and Frank's dog and my dog were sniffing each other like dogs do, and we kind of fell in love and aww! Yay!
Anything Else: Originally from London, and I have autism? WOO! XD

By the way, you can be any of the guys' kids in my LynZ fic. I'm adding more parts. :3 xx

Author's response

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP can I be Gerard's daughter please and therefore your sister please? :3 You already know everything about me ;)

Love Hozzie