Review for Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

(#) xxMikeyxx 2012-11-25

Name: Callie Jones
Nickname: Cal
Age: 22
Your Boyfriend: Mikey!!!!!! Pleassssssseeeee!!!!
Job: I work at the music store
Hair: Bright blue
Eyes: Dark blue
Skin: Pale
Likes: Comics, music, drawing, reading, writing
Dislikes: Mean people, Heights, Small spaces
How You Met Your Boyfriend: I n the music store, Gerard made him talk to me as a joke then we got really close and got together =)
Anything Else: She's from the UK =)

Hope you liked this =)
The story you auditioned for is about to be posted by the way =)